Maintenance and Repairs


To ensure maximum efficiency, proper operation and longevity of your boilers is paramount. We offer annual, semi-annual, and quarterly preventative maintenance. From basic to complex repairs, we are experienced with all brands and models and can help you every step of the way.


If your existing heating system requires multiple repairs, you may be wondering how you can fix your system with your budget. Northwest Thermal Hydronics possesses a diverse set experience that will ensure effective steps are taken to repair and minimize any future heating failures. We provide only the best replacement parts to maximize longevity of the repairs made to your building’s heating system. In sum, regardless of the amount of work needed to be done, our crew will work directly with you, from start to finish.

High Quality Work 

If you existing heating system required any repairs or maintenance, it’s crucial that this work is done with precision, backed by high-quality services. Anything short of this effort can result in exorbitant future issues with your heating system. While all of our work is deemed high-quality by both our team and our previous clients, we also specialize in preventative methods that will keep future problems at bay. Generally speaking, when you work with our team, we will ensure that your heating system is fully-operable and possess the longevity to prevent you from spending a fortune on additional repairs and maintenance.

Benefits of Maintenance

Reduce the risk of breakdowns

One of the most important aspect of having your commercial boiler maintained regularly is to avoid costly repairs to your HVAC system. When one of our trained technicians spots a minor repair during a routine checkup, we can schedule a repair when it is convenient for you. Often, catching a minor repair can prevent a larger, more expensive issue from forming down the road.

Enhance Safety

While gas leaks are rare, regular maintenance will help avert such incidences and keep your building safe. When you work with us, we will ensure that your boiler and burner controls are checked for proper operation.

Promote Energy Efficiency

Regular maintenance is a great way of ensuring that your boiler uses energy in the most efficient manner and does not hike your energy bill. Lack of regular maintenance causes a scale build to insulate the heating surfaces of your building. This reduces heat transfer and requires more fuel to heat water. As such, during your maintenance session, our team will keep your boiler energy efficient, and instruct you on effective methods of keeping your utility costs down.

Extend Your Boiler Life

A periodic maintenance plan will ensure that your boiler will last for the longest time possible. We believe that increasing your boiler’s longevity can prevent any problematic issues and expensive costs from arising in the future.

Maintenance Contracts

Here at Northwest Thermal Hydronics, we understand that your particular facility is unique. That is why we offer customized maintenance contracts to meet your specific needs. Our standard customized quotes include:

We can offer a customized maintenance contract quote to include:

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Tune Ups

  • Annual Service and Inspections.

Are you looking to purchase our premium services without participating in a contract? No problem! Give us a call to discuss your project at (253) 863-1202.

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