Boiler Inspection Service

Do I need a Boiler Inspection Service?

Is there a funny noise coming from your boiler room? Perhaps there is a worrisome leak or an irregular performance with your current system? A regularly-scheduled, annual maintenance can provide peace of mind, longevity, and minimal repairs, but we understand this service may not always be in your budget. An inspection is a great way to assess the condition of your heating equipment between annual maintenance services. Northwest Thermal Hydronics provides inspection services to help owners catch problem areas and ensure operations are reliable.


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Is your HVAC system ready for the next winter season? Review these suggestive signs below, you may need to repair or replace your boiler.

Increased Frequency in Failures

This is an indicator of a major repair or replacement.


A boiler that leaks or requires constant make-up water may be ending its lifecycle.

Age & Quality

Modern boilers offer high efficiency and longevity
vs. older model styles.

Energy Expenditures

Has your energy bill increased? Your boiler efficiency may be declining.